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Our Philosophy
We enhance individual performance, increase team effectiveness, improve the bottom line, and empower employees to make better choices by providing memorable, relevant, and deep learning events. We believe in using various learning methodologies including experiential learning and that the human condition is designed to be interactive and filled with both “hearts and minds” learning. The research is clear that information linked with experience is retained and understood at a depth that can’t be denied. Sustainable results and lasting improvement must be understood, felt, practiced, and supported.

What We Do
We design and deliver talent development programs focused on transforming individuals, teams, and organizations to maximize productivity and performance by developing and strengthening leadership skills as well as empowering individuals and teams to excel in an inspired working environment. We instill thought leadership in individuals and teams, providing a distinct competitive advantage by equipping organizations with resiliency and adaptation so they thrive in changing environments. 

We help propel leadership skills and businesses by providing tools that can be applied both personally and professionally. We understand the importance of well-facilitated events, promoting strategic thinking, connecting with participants, encouraging rich dialog, recognizing learning moments, asking provocative questions, and implementing experiential learning in order to create a deep learning experience resulting in increased performance and culture change. 

When you invest in professional development for your employees, you get an increase in trust, communication, alignment, and execution leading to improved productivity, efficiency, and decision making. All of these things provide a decrease in cost, so the return on investment (ROI) is high. FLS provides a unique learning approach and has the knowledge, experience, and credentials your organization needs for sustainable change.

Our Process
FLS approaches each client with a comprehensive analysis and employs our diverse experience to customize a program design based on collaboration with the client as well as an internal and external audit of the organization.